Acute Care Hospital Accreditation

Acute Care Hospital Accreditation

When people need help the most,
you are there to see them through.

When people need help the most,
you are there to see them through.

Service is at the heart of ACHC Accreditation.

Allow us to ease the process for you.


Patients entrust you with their lives. This means that your hospital has to deliver the best quality care to every patient every day while maintaining operational excellence behind the scenes. ACHC understands this better than anyone. Our supportive, educational approach to Acute Care Hospital Accreditation gives you and your staff a valuable partner in the drive toward consistent improvement.

Clear standards with cost-effective solutions make your hospital shine.

We know that the road to improvement is much smoother when you have a holistic understanding of each requirement. At ACHC, we ensure that you understand our standards and have access to accurate, consistent interpretation of regulatory requirements. Our resources include published criteria for assessing compliance, and you will have dedicated experts to help you along the way. We succeed when you succeed. This means ACHC acts as your partner in creating a cost-effective, one-stop solution for accreditation of your hospital and your ancillary facilities and programs, including laboratories, sleep labs, pharmacy, joint venture ASCs, DME, and more.

Get accreditation for Acute Care, Specialty, and Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals.

You must be prepared to provide patients with a variety of experienced clinicians who can diagnose and treat a wide range of symptoms, conditions, illnesses, and injuries. ACHC is here to support excellence in a way that helps to educate and empower each member of your team. Our accreditation program and our culture of dedicated customer service are tailored to demonstrate an understanding of each role in the care team.

Why ACHC for Acute Care Hospital Accreditation?

  • Accountability

    Our policies, procedures, and standards are based on the CMS Conditions of Participation, and are designed to help you maintain compliance while focusing on improving patient care and environmental safety.

  • Risk management

    Accreditation with ACHC means maximizing value while minimizing risk.

  • Regulatory requirements

    We present regulatory requirements for providers within a framework of quality improvement.

  • Long-standing accreditor

    Our program, previously known as HFAP, was the nation’s first to accredit hospitals and has been reviewing the quality of inpatient settings since 1945.

  • CMS deeming authority

    We are a founder in our space and have had continuous CMS deeming authority since 1965.

  • Collaborative and dedicated

    Our approach to surveys is collaborative and educational, with outstanding customer service from a dedicated Account Advisor.

  • Clear, relevant standards

    We provide clear standards with a deeper dive into their meaning and intent that includes published criteria for assessing compliance.

  • Holistic and cost-effective

    ACHC is a cost-effective, one-stop accreditation solution for your hospital and ancillary facilities (laboratories, pharmacy, ASCs, DME, etc.).

  • Special certifications

    We offer certification of specialty programs within your hospital, including StrokeJoint Replacement, and Wound Care.


Surveyors have taken the time to educate and share best practices with my hospital leadership team members (particularly the ones experiencing a survey for the first time). Much of the time, the sharing isn’t related to citations, but just real conversations about how to continuously improve so we can provide even better and safer care.

— Administrative Director of Accreditation, Franciscan Health

Transitioning to ACHC is Simple. As It Should Be.

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