Ambulatory Surgery Center Accreditation

Ambulatory Surgery Center Accreditation

Quality and efficiency are at the heart of the
care you provide. Let us help you maintain
excellence with a smooth accreditation process.

Quality and efficiency are at the heart of the
care you provide.
Let us help you maintain
excellence with a smooth accreditation process.

Get clarity with a straightforward, intuitive survey process.

Patients expect hospital-quality care with greater convenience. Surgeons expect efficiency and expertise.  Let us help you drive excellence with a collaborative, realistic approach to the accreditation process. Our requirements for providing same-day surgical, diagnostic, and preventive procedures come from standards founded on CMS Conditions for Coverage. ACHC has crafted a smooth experience and our expert Surveyors take a helpful, real-world approach to any improvements that may be needed.

Fast-Track Your Accreditation with Our TIME Solution.


The best value in becoming an accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) comes when you and your staff have a holistic understanding of the process. We ensure that you have the resources and guidance that you need to learn, as well as a complete understanding of what the standards are and why they matter. We include published criteria for assessing compliance and a dedicated expert to help you along the way.

Time is money for an ASC seeking initial accreditation, and ACHC’s TIME solution helps to fast-track your application toward the final decision. ACHC is your cost-effective, one-stop partner.

Why ACHC for Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Accreditation?

  • Accountability

    Your organization gains industry credibility and a way to declare your continued commitment to excellence.

  • Minimized risk

    Accreditation with ACHC means maximizing value while minimizing risk.

  • Regulatory requirements

    We present regulatory requirements as a framework for quality improvement.

  • Long-standing accreditor

    Our programs for procedural care come from the nation’s first healthcare accreditation program and we have been reviewing quality in healthcare settings since 1945.

  • CMS deeming authority

    We have held CMS deeming authority for ASCs since 2003.

  • Distinctive, customized approach

    ACHC strives to understand your organization as a distinct entity so that we can help you achieve your highest potential for excellence.

  • Collaborative and dedicated

    Our approach is collaborative and educational, with outstanding customer service from a dedicated Account Advisor.

  • Clear, relevant standards

    We provide clear standards with published criteria for assessing compliance that you and your staff can understand and act on.

  • Fast tracking your application

    We offer the TIME solution to fast-track your process from application to the final decision.

  • Holistic and cost-effective

    ACHC is a cost-effective, one-stop accreditation solution for your ASC and any ancillary services (laboratory, DME, pharmacy, etc.).

  • Special certifications

    We offer certification for your specialty orthopedic program: Joint Replacement (orthopedic ASCs).


It’s hard to improve on perfection. I’m currently going through a State/Federal survey to follow up on the recent HFAP survey and all I can say is, it’s the difference between night and day. We really enjoyed our survey with HFAP. Even though stress can be high, they turned the experience into a very good educational session as well. Kudos to your process and your surveyors!

— St. Francis Mooresville Surgery Center

Transitioning to ACHC is Simple. As It Should Be.

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Keep Compliant.
Renew Your Accreditation.

Is your renewal date looming? Start the renewal process now. Your dedicated Account Advisor can help guide you through renewal and customize your accreditation to suit your unique services.

Start your accreditation preparation now and access the resources of ACHCU.

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