We have a simple philosophy: to be customer friendly. We strive to work with the laboratory in the least disruptive way to accomplish the procedures of accreditation in the most personable, flexible, and accessible manner possible. Our surveyors and the entire staff are committed to this philosophy. Our Laboratory Accreditation program is dedicated to helping the laboratory to improve the quality of laboratory services through professional peer review, education, and compliance with established conditions and standards.

The laboratory accreditation program examines all aspects of the laboratory including:

  • personnel requirements,
  • proficiency testing,
  • patient test management,
  • quality control and quality assurance.

In addition to those major areas, the survey team will examine test methodologies, reagents, control media, equipment, specimen handling, procedure manuals, test reporting, and internal and external proficiency testing and monitoring, as well as personnel safety and overall management practices that distinguish a quality laboratory.