Clinical Laboratory Accreditation

Clinical Laboratory Accreditation

All branches of health care count on you.
And you can rely on us.

All branches of health care count on you.
And you can rely on us.

Clinical Laboratory Accreditation with minimal disruptions—so you can focus on results.

Our approach is educational and collaborative.

Decisions and actions, big and small, start with the data you provide. Your work and its adherence to accuracy are of the utmost importance to patients. We understand the importance of an efficient, nondisruptive track to accreditation that works with you.

ACHC offers complete clinical laboratory accreditation that covers all testing complexities, including pathology. We are a CLIA deeming authority and have Account Advisors with clinical laboratory experience who speak your language and keep your most significant concerns at the forefront of the process. Enjoy the real-world approach of our clinical laboratory Surveyors as we address needed improvements in your laboratory all with the goal of building your reputation for trusted results when they matter most.

Get individualized guidance and a plan for excellence.


ACHC is known for outstanding customer service, and our collaborative accreditation approach aims to be informative and concise. Our Account Advisors are personable, flexible, and accessible to you before, during, and after the survey. We are committed to guiding you and your laboratory staff through the accreditation process, addressing challenges, overcoming future obstacles, and helping you learn more about accreditation as a whole. Our earnest approach enables you to achieve excellence and accuracy in testing, training, and documentation from the ground up.

Get supportive Clinical Laboratory Accreditation, transitions, and renewals.

Transitions for laboratory accreditation are made easy by our process. We eliminate the need to pull your staff off the bench to perform surveys elsewhere, and we can help consolidate your laboratory accreditation with a single source. Renewing your accreditation is also comfortable with us. Renewal leverages our ongoing relationship to build continuity as both sides continue to improve and maintain quality standards.

Why ACHC for Clinical Laboratory Accreditation?

  • Accountability

    Your organization gains industry credibility and a way to declare your continued commitment to excellence.

  • Minimized risk

    Accreditation with ACHC means maximizing value while reducing risk.

  • Regulatory requirements

    We present regulatory requirements for providers as a framework for quality improvement.

  • Long-standing accreditor

    Our programs for procedural care come from the nation’s first healthcare accreditation program and we have been reviewing quality in healthcare settings since 1945, predating CMS by 20 years.

  • CLIA deeming authority

    We offer complete lab accreditation, across all complexities and pathology, with CLIA deeming authority since 1995.

  • Distinctive, customized approach

    ACHC strives to understand your organization as a distinct entity so that we can help you achieve your highest potential for excellence.

  • Collaborative and dedicated

    Our approach to surveys is collaborative and educational, with outstanding customer service from a dedicated Account Advisor.

  • Clear, relevant standards

    We provide clear standards with published criteria for assessing compliance that you and your staff can understand and act on.

  • Minimal disruptions

    We help achieve accreditation for your clinical laboratory in the least disruptive way possible.


It was a pleasure meeting [the survey team] last week, and I appreciate that you are offering us support in being our best. It was probably the best survey experience I’ve had in 15 years in the profession.

— Eureka Laboratory Management, LLC

Transitioning to ACHC is Simple. As It Should Be.

Get Back to Patient Care.

Ready to transition your accreditation to ACHC? We’ll make it easy. Learn more about how to make it happen and contact us to start the simple transition process.

Keep Compliant.
Renew Your Accreditation.

Is your renewal date looming? Start the renewal process now. Your dedicated Account Advisor can help guide you through renewal and customize your accreditation to suit your unique services.

Start your accreditation preparation now and access the resources of ACHCU.

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