In response to the threat posed by the spread of COVID-19, CMS has called for a suspension of most state agency and accrediting organization survey activities for the indefinite future.

HFAP surveys that WILL go forward include:

  • Incoming immediate jeopardy complaints alleging infection control breaches or abuse and neglect.
  • Complaint Surveys (lower level than immediate jeopardy) alleging infection control breaches.
  • Currently scheduled Focused Resurveys.
  • Initial Surveys (for orgs without a CCN).
  • CLIA laboratory surveys.
  • Surveys of facilities with an immediate jeopardy-level infection control deficiency in the last three years.

HFAP surveys that MAY go forward include:

  • Surveys of facilities with a history of infection control deficiencies (lower level than immediate jeopardy).
  • HFAP certification surveys for which the facility and the surveyor have agreed to proceed.


Will my accreditation or Medicare certification be at risk if my survey can’t take place within the “survey window” because of this suspension?  

CMS has said there will be no penalties levied on organizations for delay in reaccreditation due to this suspension. Since the suspension will be effective for an indefinite period, CMS has not committed to the length of the “catch-up” period once survey activity resumes.

My organization is due for a stroke (or other) certification survey. Is our survey cancelled and if not, can we postpone it?

Although CMS has no jurisdiction over survey activity unrelated to AO deeming authority, HFAP has decided to allow organizations to make a good faith decision about moving forward or postponing a scheduled certification survey. We will also give our surveyors the option to decline a survey which may result in longer lead times from application to on-site survey.

Should I hold off on submitting an application?

No. When CMS lifts the suspension on survey activity, we will be making every effort to fit reschedule any backlog of surveys while maintaining those that and having expected applications in hand and processed will help the efficiency of our planning process.