HFAP CMS Deemed Status Renewed for Critical Access Hospital Accreditation


Critical Access Hospitals are vital providers of high-quality healthcare services in rural communities 


(Chicago) January 8, 2020 – HFAP, America’s original healthcare accreditation program founded in 1945, recently received renewed approval of its deeming authority for critical access hospitals (CAHs) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). CMS deemed status approval allows HFAP to continue to be recognized as a national accrediting organization for CAHs that wish to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

In addition to CAHs, HFAP holds CMS deeming authority for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), clinical laboratories and acute care hospitals. To help organizations obtain advanced levels of care, HFAP also offers specialty certifications for wound care, compounding pharmacy, joint replacement, stroke care and lithotripsy.

“We are excited to continue providing critical access hospitals with our high-quality accreditation experience facilitated by our expert staff,” said Meg Gravesmill, CEO of HFAP. “Through HFAP’s user-friendly, education-focused and cost-effective approach to accreditation, participating organizations will gain expert insight on how best to deliver patient-centric care.”

The HFAP Difference

The basis of the HFAP CAH standards are the Medicare Conditions of Participation. HFAP standards include all Medicare standards plus standards proven to elevate quality and enhance patient safety, which means compliance with HFAP requirements assures compliance with Medicare standards.

HFAP surveyors are highly-skilled medical professionals with practical field experience ready to discuss survey observations and opportunities for improvement with organizations in real time. HFAP CAH survey teams generally consist of four surveyors:

  • Physician who serves as team captain
  • Registered nurse
  • Hospital administrator
  • Life safety expert

“Our surveyors regularly participate in ongoing training workshops to ensure their onsite assessment is relevant and consistent,” said Gravesmill. “Our commitment to exceptional service ensures our customers will feel informed and supported throughout the entire survey process.”

Survey Process
The HFAP accreditation process consists of five basic, straightforward steps from application to accreditation:

  • Application
  • Survey
  • Deficiency report
  • Plans of correction
  • Accreditation action

About HFAP

HFAP is a nationally recognized not-for-profit accreditation program with deeming authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for hospitals, laboratories, and ambulatory surgery centers. HFAP’s programs focus on supporting customer success in meeting the standards through a collaborative and educational accreditation process focused on the unique needs of each facility.

In 2020, HFAP celebrates 75 years of providing healthcare accreditation, making it the original U.S. accrediting body. HFAP also offers a range of certification programs for the continuum of stroke care, for wound care, for joint arthroplasty, for laser and lithotripsy services, and for compounding pharmacies.