Accreditation looks at an organization as a whole. Certification is a deep dive into how an organization delivers specific services.

Why seek certification?

ACHC certification programs:

  • Drive your service delivery structures toward advanced levels of care.
  • Encourage the adoption of practices that improve outcomes and reduce risk.
  • Benchmark your performance to place data in a meaningful context.
  • Articulate a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Signal excellence to your patients, staff, and payers.
  • Provide your staff with an opportunity to build skills and receive recognition for achievement.
  • Strengthen community partnerships and consumer confidence.

Certification options

Becoming certified

Begin by requesting and reviewing the relevant program manual to become familiar with our policies and the certification program standards. Apply by completing and submitting your application through Compass and paying the relevant program fee.

An onsite survey to learn about your program and assess compliance with certification standards will be scheduled in consultation with your organization.

Surveys generally take place within 90 days of receipt of the completed application and payment. ACHC certification surveys are conducted by a team of specially-trained reviewers. At the conclusion of the onsite survey, the surveyor(s) will provide a verbal overview of findings. They submit a written report of the survey to the ACHC office for additional review. We may seek clarification from the surveyor(s) that leads to amending the report to modify or remove deficiencies cited at the exit conference.

The final Deficiency Report is sent to your organization within 10 working days. Within 10 calendar days of its receipt, your organization provides a formal, written response indicating actions implemented to correct identified deficiencies. Failure to respond to and correct deficiencies cited may result in denial of certification.

An organization  that has been granted certification is provided with a certificate and electronic certification seals.