Just as our website has a new look and feel, so does our customer portal. We are pleased to introduce HFAP Compass, the nerve center for all activity and online communications between our healthcare organizations and our office staff. You’ll use HFAP Compass to submit applications, conduct self-assessments, receive Deficiency Reports, complete Plans of Correction/Corrective Action Reports and receive the final letter of accreditation or certification. Additionally, our lab customers can view Proficiency Testing results and monitor PT performance.

Getting Started

If you are working in an existing HFAP-accredited or certified organization, we have transferred the information from our previous customer portal. If you have not already logged into HFAP Compass during our beta-testing phase, click on “Login to Compass” and enter your email address in the Username field and then click “Forgot Password” to complete your profile. Once you gain access to HFAP Compass, you will be able to select the organization you wish to view (if you are responsible for multiple organizations) or you will be dropped into the organization for which you are responsible (if only one organization).

The navigation bar includes a “Support” option. If you hover over “Support” and click on “Help,” you will be directed to some handy tutorials and a video on the functions of HFAP Compass.

Facility Profile

HFAP Compass encourages a proactive approach to our virtual relationship. Instead of a biennial or triennial contact, you will complete an “Account Profile” that includes adding contacts (much like a roster), maintaining main and satellite locations and updating statistics. For laboratories, this area will also capture technical laboratory staff, specialties and subspecialties, PT results, PT providers and PT Test systems.

We hope you will keep your Account Profile up-to-date throughout your term of accreditation or certification, although you are only required to make an updated prior to submitting an application.


The application process will be simpler now that the basic demographic and staffing information is captured in the Facility Profile. The application process will mostly include identifying blackout dates or suggested survey dates (certification only) and uploading your supporting documentation. A tutorial on this specific process will be coming soon. For immediate assistance, access the Help Documentation, located under “Support” on the navigation bar.

As always, real, live HFAP staff members are happy to help you at any time!