Organizations choose HFAP because of the practical and collaborative approach of our staff and surveyors who apply their experience and knowledge to maximize each organization’s capacity to deliver safe, high quality care.

The best survey experience you’ve ever had.

Since its founding in 1945, HFAP has approached an onsite survey as an opportunity for discovery and guidance. Our surveyors arrive with the intention of supporting an organization in becoming the best it can be through accountability and continuous improvement. We recognize excellence and partner in problem solving.

Our programs are comprehensive.

We offer accreditation for a range of healthcare organizations. We offer certification for specialties that distinguish these organizations from their competitors.

HFAP is nationally recognized, with deeming authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for hospitals (including critical access hospitals and long-term acute care hospitals), ambulatory surgery centers, and clinical laboratories.

We also offer “non-deemed” accreditation for hospitals, ASCs, office-based surgery and specialty care, behavioral health, and physical rehabilitation organizations, including those located outside the United States.

HFAP recognizes specialties in stroke care, joint replacement, wound care, compounding pharmacy and lithotripsy services through our certification programs.

Our requirements are clear.

HFAP accreditation standards form a framework for ongoing quality improvement that follows a pattern of planning, implementation, evaluation, and communication. Our standards for accreditation are based on CMS requirements with additions limited to those with a direct impact on quality of patient care and safety. Evaluation of compliance is consistent and based on published criteria.

Our certification standards are developed by subject matter experts for relevance and applicability, and to reflect best practice.

HFAP surveyors are rigorous and relevant onsite. Customers know what is expected and if we don’t find it, we say so and are open to discussing solutions.

Our culture is based on partnership and education.

We put customer experience and quality evaluation first.

HFAP surveyors are experienced healthcare professionals with diverse field experience and a sincere, helpful attitude. When a deficiency is identified, they are ready to discuss options in real time. This level of support and education, along with the customer service focus of our office staff creates a environment that encourages on-going improvement.

Our difference is a balanced approach.

Our standards address the requirements; our approach addresses the uniqueness of the individual organization.

There are five basic steps from application to accreditation.

  1. Application
  2. Survey
  3. Deficiency Report
  4. Plans of Correction/Corrective Action Response
  5. Accreditation/Certification decision

The size and complexity of the facility and the result of the onsite survey may influence the time from application to decision.

We’re here to help.

We are committed to excellence in customer service. HFAP Academy offers web-based education (mostly free of charge), live seminars, onsite training options, and practice-sharing teleconferences for our customers.

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